About Us

Hello, we are BHomeScent

Unforgettable moments brought to your home.

About BHomeScent

The idea of home-made fragrance was born in early 2020, when founder Sandra Bumblauskiene noticed that there was no straightforward home scent solution that fits her taste. There were product’s she used, but no products she loved.

BHomeScent is a home’s best friend

Our straightforward home fragrance products are purpose built to bring out scent that can be felt, not just after opening the lid, but after hours of use and something everyone would fell in love with.

Taking first steps

From the very first day we knew how competitive this market is, but being a very particular about all the smallest details we aimed to produce organic fragrance that would take the home made scents to the next level.

The mission

We aim to expand our product line and be internationally recognised brand that delivers a consistent quality without compromising the quality. With creative ideas popping every day we believe that the road ahead although with obstacles and hardship can be achieved, by growing and learning every day with the help of our customers.